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Children and Youth Development Conference
“Opportunities and Equity beyond Frontiers”
In Celebration of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's
Fifth Cycle Birthday Anniversary 2 April 2015
at Chulalongkorn University Auditorium, Chulalongkorn University
June 29, 2015

   I am glad to join you today at this Children and Youth Development Conference on Opportunities and Equity beyond Frontiers. I would like to welcome all the participants from different regions and wish you all a pleasant stay in Thailand.

   I thank the Prime Minister for wishing me well on the occasion of my birthday on behalf of the entire participants. I believe all of us present here agree that children and the youth are vital assets for any country. Today there still are several children who lack the opportunity to consume sufficient food to meet their basic needs or have access to quality education. Both of these things are basic rights that everyone should have equally and are an important basis for these children to develop and grow into adults who can contribute to bringing peace and prosperity to themselves, their families, society and nation.

   A conference like this one will be most beneficial for all of us working for children and youth development to acquire useful knowledge that they can apply to their work. The fact that many of you come from different countries, each with its own geographical, societal and cultural uniqueness, will allow you to share diverse knowledge and experiences. This will form a network to drive for opportunities and equity for all our children and youth. Most importantly, our combined efforts for children and youth development are a testament to the fact that development work has to transcend societal, cultural and geographical borders. 

   Development workers have to be persevering, dedicated and honest in order to gain faith and trust from others in order for our work to fulfill its target of creating opportunities for our children and youth everywhere; to allow them to develop to their full potential with equal basic rights, which will lead to happiness and prosperity for the region, and for our world.

   May I now declare open the Children and Youth Development Conference: Opportunities and Equity beyond Frontiers. I hope for a fruitful, inspiring and successful conference.

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