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The 56th International Mathematical Olympiad.
at Chiang Mai University, Muang District, Chiang Mai Province
July 9, 2015

   It is my pleasure to preside over the opening ceremony of the 2015 International Mathematical Olympiad.

   On behalf of the people of Thailand, I would like to welcome the contestants from all over the world who are joining us today. It is a remarkable occasion when a large group of mathematicians from all levels – professors, teachers and students from over hundred countries – can gather together for an entire week. It is a great honour for Thailand to have this opportunity to host the 56th International Mathematical Olympiad.

   Since mathematics can be realized as a language to understand all sorts of things in the world around us. It is the most versatile for not playing only as a central role in academics and research, but can also be applied in all subjects.

   Any development in science and technology requires knowledge of mathematics. In order for any nation to achieve technological advancement, it will have to place the highest priority on promoting education and research in mathematics. By hosting the International Mathematical Olympiad it has given Thailand a tremendous opportunity to raise students’ awareness of the significance of this field. The excitement of organizing and participating in this event will stimulate our people to take a keen interest in mathematics and other fundamental sciences. This is certain to contribute greatly to the advancement of mathematics and science education in Thailand.

   This Olympiad is a great opportunity for students and researchers to interact and exchange ideas in mathematics over the whole week. It is a valuable step for people who are interested in the same field to become familiar with one another. The Olympiad thus represents a wonderful opportunity for almost 600 mathematicians to become not only friends but also potential future collaborators. Importantly, this event will simultaneously enhance cultural understanding and good relationship among all the participating nations. 

   I would like to thank all organizations and the people whose hard work and dedication have made this remarkable event a reality. To the contestants of all teams, I wish you achieve every success and derive the utmost benefit from this competition. 

   I take great pleasure in declaring the 56th International Mathematical Olympiad open. I wish this Olympiad a truly fruitful and productive one.

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